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Go Linden Street
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Go Linden Street

By Joe Ruvel · September 8th, 2009 · No Comments

Update: And now Urbandaddy is giving them some press. I actually emailed UD after seeing this and told them that I thought they had made a mistake – burning oak black lager didn’t sound like a steam beer – they must have meant the other beer – Urban People’s Common Lager. Well I was wrong. She wrote back with brewer’s notes:

We ferment it with Steam yeast at around the same temps as the Common.  It uses much different grains to get the color it has and we use less hops, but the same hops as the Common Lager (Northern Brewers).  It uses Chocolate malt to get the color, but leaving it less dry than a black malt might create.

Well there you go – a big dark black lager steam beer.

Linden Street Brewery (Adam) has been pushing for a long time – but it looks like things are going well. What I have had of theirs is pretty great – got to try some more and maybe make it out there one of these days.

Pretty good article in the Chronicle.

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