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Tactical Nuclear Penguin
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Tactical Nuclear Penguin

By Joe Ruvel · December 22nd, 2009 · No Comments

Everyone is talking about this beer. So I thought I would provide a few links for those who might not have heard about it yet. BrewDog has done it again. They have made a VERY limited beer that weighs in at a whopping 32% ABV. How did they do this – basically they froze the beer – got rid of the water and were left with a bunch of alcohol. Kind of a reverse distill or something like that. Do you think it is a marketing ploy? Do you think it is stupid? Well – I kind of love it. I might not even ever taste this beer – but they are having fun and getting their brewery, beer, and message out there.

Read more about it here and here and here.

And why not watch BrewDog talk about it in Penguin suits (what else are you doing?):

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