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Celebrating the Holidays in Ireland (with drinks)
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Celebrating the Holidays in Ireland (with drinks)

By Joe Ruvel · January 16th, 2014 · No Comments

Galway, Ireland was very good to us. It is a wonderful place to spend Christmas and New Years. They are serious about their holiday fun in Galway and that of course means a good amount of drinking too. It helps the craic (fun or good times) as they would say here. And we had some great beverages this holiday season. And thankfully we were able to meet some amazing people to share those drinks with. Here are some of my favorite beverages and memories.

Ah Guinness – I have had many pints of the black over the past few months. During the holidays it was great to be able to check out a new pub by just nursing a Guinness for thirty minutes or so. Tasty, simple. I did start to notice that some bars got the nitro mix better then others. The Skeff in Galway pours a damn fine pint.

Mulled wine is a better then I expected. Not only does it heat you through and through but you get a pretty complex flavor going with spices and cooking. Don’t use a very cheap wine but also don’t use anything too expensive. I used this recipe

Three cheers for Irish Whiskey! I have had so many great tastes of whiskey this holiday season. Different flavor components, many different cost levels, and a whole lot of good times. Jasmine and I held our first annual Cheestmas and drank a good bit of whiskey paired with cheese that day. Overall the two went rather well together. Cask strength can be a bit much unless you have a big cheese. Cooley was a good whiskey cheese. The Tyrconnell port finished whiskey was one of my favorites – this is some complex delicious whiskey. Try to find if you can.

I am a sucker for holiday beers and Galway gave me plenty of them. I very much missed our annual holiday party and all our friends back home but my Anchor Holiday and a Founders winter made me think of the States and all the past years. I also got to taste a really exciting Irish brewery’s holiday beer – White Gypsy Xmas. Good sweet stuff.

Port! Who knew (besides lots and lots of people). I like port and damn does it go well with chocolate cookies. This was just a relativly cheap Taylor’s ruby port. I would like to try some more serious aged ports.

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