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Baltika #4 Brew Stew
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Baltika #4 Brew Stew

By Joe Ruvel · January 9th, 2010 · No Comments

Didn’t have much time to cook last night – but really wanted something homemade. Threw a bunch of things together and added some beer and amazingly it turned out great. The flavors came together and the final stew is more then just a sum of the ingredients. Here is the recipe for those playing at home:

3 large chicken breasts.

Coat in a light amount of olive oil. Salt Pepper. A little chili powder.

Fry in a hot pan. You are not trying to cook the center at all – just trying to get a nice brown on the outside. Don’t flip until it doesn’t really stick anymore.

Take chicken out and cut into bite size pieces

2 Leaks
1 Bell Pepper (orange or yellow works nice with color)

Stir fry in same chicken pan – put in a little more olive oil, salt, pepper – just to get it going and browned some

Add enough stock so that when you scrape bottom of pan all the leftover brown pieces of chicken break up and mix with the stock.

1 bunch of spinach
1 can of black beans
2 1/2 cups baked beans (I was lucky enough to have leftover homemade ones but canned would work too)

put the chicken back in

add in:

another 1/2 cup of stock
a few teaspoons of bbq sauce
some mustard
a little more chili powder
a little ginger
some hot sauce (I put about 2 tablespoons – which made it pretty mild but with a bit of burn – adjust to however spicy you want)
Around 10oz of Baltika #4 (a rather sweet bready/malty dark amber beer – works well because of low hops and a good amount of sugar)


Let cook for at least 45 minutes on a low simmer – drink the rest of the Baltika 4 while you wait.

Enjoy with some tortilla chips (and more hot sauce if you are me).

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