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Barely Buzzed
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Barely Buzzed

By Jasmine · May 5th, 2008 · No Comments

I didn’t intend to buy any cheese at all at the farmer’s market last weekend. But then I saw that Cowgirl Creamery had SF Drake, one of my new favorite cheeses since we profiled it in our organic garden tasting, and I had to get some before they ran out again.

While I was paying, a man come up next to me and expressed his excitement about another kind of cheese sitting out on the counter. “I can’t believe you actually have it!” he said to the woman behind the counter. That got me curious. I looked at the description of the cheese they were talking about and read “rubbed with espresso grounds.” NOW I was interested. I started listening to their conversation and heard her say, “As soon as I tasted it, I just wanted a big glass of Guinness.”

Barely BuzzedSuddenly there was half a pound of cheese in my purse and I was waving money at them to let me take it.

Barely Buzzed from Beehive Cheese is pale on the inside, black with grounds on the outside. The cheese itself is very mild and nutty. The rind tastes like, well, coffee grounds. If you don’t take a bite with just the perfect amount of rind on it, you can wind up with nothing but a mouthful of grounds. Even if you do it perfectly, I felt like the coffee flavor bowled right over the subtleness of the cheese. I’m a coffee fiend, and even I didn’t really get the point.

I tried it with DogfishHead’s new brown ale Palo Santo Marron, an especially dark, malty ale. Palo Santo Marron & Barely BuzzedThey went well together, and the malt actually brought out more of the cheese’s nuttiness, though I still felt like most of the flavor was buried under these two very strong flavors.

Joe liked it a bit more than I did, though he’s generally willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt more than I am. He went wild over the beer, though. It’s pretty light for a 12% alchohol beer, and I actually managed to finish my whole glass, despite the strong malts, and enjoy it to the last drop.

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