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Big beer and a big turkey
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Big beer and a big turkey

By Joe Ruvel · November 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Our turkey barley soup is cooling on the stove. There has been roast turkey, thanksgiving omelets (a yearly tradition), multiple turkey sandwiches, and the soup. We had a BIG turkey. 22 lbs to be exact. There were a bunch of great drinks to go with all that turkey and other holiday delights. A friend made a great brandy fruit punch. We had a some wine and some beer.

Thanksgiving beer and turkey

I wanted to get a special beer for everyone and so I picked up an Anchor Holiday Ale 2008 Magnum. It is a big beer both in size of the bottle and in taste. A sweet ale with some burnt sugar and licorice spice in the taste. Warming with 8% alcohol (UPDATE: Probably not – not sure where i got that from  – maybe i had a bit too much holiday ale. Not sure if Anchor releases the ABV – there wasn’t one on the magnum – checking out some sites – including – What’s on tap – seem to say it is 5.5% – sounds good to me. I am happy we have that straight now) but not as strong as many Christmas beers. This is the first magnum I have ever bought and it was a good time. Friends who tasted the holiday ale at Anchor a few weeks ago said it was a bit different from the Magnum. I think they said it tasted lighter. I have heard that wine from a magnum is a good way to taste the wine as it was suppose to taste. Maybe beer is the same way.

Thanksgiving beer 5

As the holiday beer season begins, I can’t wait to try Anchor Holiday 2008 again.

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