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Dinner at Orson: Slow Food Day 1
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Dinner at Orson: Slow Food Day 1

By Jasmine · September 4th, 2008 · No Comments

Our first event of the weekend was a dinner at Orson, a benefit for Nextcourse. Contrary to what it said on the website, we were not seated “at a single community table,”

but at ten or so tables of 6, which still meant we got to meet a few new people.  Our first course was served with a daquiri that I just adored. Strong but not sour, it was made with rum, green chartreuse, honey, lime and had a single sage leaf floating in each one.DSC05782

 The fish course and the beef course (the beef was amazing!) were both served with wines from Broc Cellars. The first was a rose. Now, I’m not a rose fan in the best of times, but the diner sitting next to me insisted that this one would change my mind. Alas, he was wrong. It was okay, in the way that strawberry kool-aid is okay (Joe disagrees–he liked it and thought it went well with the fish).

Broc Cellars Rose

The second wine was better–a Syrah. I liked it, but I like big reds and I wouldn’t count this among my favorites.

Finally, with dessert came a shot of Rhum Clement VSOP Rhum Agricole (which we acquired a small bottle of at the Spirits Pavillion the next day). I love rum, but I can NOT drink straight liquor. It was good, but not good enough for me to choke down more than half of it.Rhum

Even though I couldn’t drink it, I thought it went really well with the yellow watermelon sorbet we had for dessert.

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