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Ok Beer – Surprise me
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Ok Beer – Surprise me

By Joe Ruvel · June 20th, 2008 · No Comments

Lately I have been getting a little lost in my beer tasting. Lots of good brew, but things are getting a bit muddled. That is probably just my fault, too much of the same or maybe just a laziness when it comes to tasting. But there have been some surprises over the past few weeks. One of those beers was Liberty Ale by Anchor Brewery. I drink Anchor Steam all the time and I like it a lot. Old Foghorn is a favorite too when I can get it. But Liberty Ale I have only tried a few times.

I even remember trying it in bottles awhile back and not being blown away. Recently I drank a few at Epic Steakhouse and boy did it work with the meal. It’s a little sharp for an ale, I like that bite. The hops go great with a hearty meal at a steakhouse. It worked with our food and continued through dessert.

Talking about dessert – a few weeks back - I went to One Market. Excellent meal - I recommend everyone check it out. For dessert I paired a Chimay Red with a great strawberry cream parfait. The sugars in both worked great together and it was a perfect end to the meal. Maybe that is why a surprise combination works so well – you don’t expect it at all.

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