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Party at Humphry Slocombe
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Party at Humphry Slocombe

By Joe Ruvel · February 15th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Jesse Friedman from beer & nosh, knows a thing or two (actually a lot) about beer, ice cream, and photography. And we luckily (thanks to his fiance Eliana) got to celebrate all of those things with him and some of his friends last week at Humphry Slocombe. Jesse worked with Humphry Slocombe to create a bunch of beer ice creams. He also has a beer photography show going on there (read all about it). His devious (just kidding) fiance decided to throw a little suprise party in his honor. She got him pretty good. There was beer to share and beer ice cream to try and even somebody’s birthday (with cake!) to celebrate.  



I have tried to make beer ice cream before and it isn’t easy. The ice cream doesn’t want to freeze with the alcohol in it, and the hops can make everything too bitter. But however they did it, they got it right. The flavors were great. My favorite was Iron Springs Rye Ale + Caraway Brittle. Everything you would want in a rye ice cream, if that was your thing. Jasmine had the Blue Frog’s Wassail ice cream–the spicing worked great. A great end to a beery day.


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