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S.F. Weekly’s Best Drinks
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S.F. Weekly’s Best Drinks

By Joe Ruvel · August 16th, 2011 · No Comments

I am a bit behind these days. The foodie and beverage world publications is my people magazine. I read as many as I can. But sometimes I  just miss something. And it looks like I missed S.F. Weekly’s 92 best dish series.  I think it is an online only thing – or at least that is the excuse I am going for.  For those who might have missed it too – or for those that just want the beverage stuff – here are all the beverages listed in the 92.

79: Mexican hot chocolate from La Oaxaqueña

75: Macau iced coffee at Vega/Special Xtra

74: Comstock Saloon‘s Pisco Punch

68: Prospect‘s Catcher in the Rye

65: Sidekick‘s chocolate spritzer

59: The Slanted Door‘s Whiskey Cocktail

49: Moonlight Brewing‘s Reality Czeck

21: Blacksmith Cellars‘ chenin blanc

16: Russian River Brewing‘s Consecration Ale

A good showing by beverages. I know – only two beers – but they are good ones. And it is mostly a food oriented list. I know I am going to search out some of these other drinks and a good amount of the best dishes too.

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