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The Endless Feast
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The Endless Feast

By Joe Ruvel · June 9th, 2008 · No Comments

photo_endlessfeast There is a good thread over at What’s on Tap about beercentric TV. First William Brand talked about Three Sheets on MojoHD and then Mario recommended a better show (I agree) called The Thirsty Traveler. I love that show and have probably seen every episode, or at least the ones the DVR picked up in the last year.

Another show that people might want to try out is The Endless Feast. It isn’t really beercentric but does have some beer moments and is overall a well done show. The premise is a meal put together with local ingredients by a different chef in each location. The meal is shared with guests, farmers, brewers, and other purveyors, in a field or other outside venues. It is a public television show (on KQED in the bay area) and looks great in HD.

The best beer moment in the show, that I have seen so far, happened in the Red Hook, Brooklyn episode. They paired an urban garden feast with Sixpoint Craft Ales’ beer. The chef that episode, Laurent Saillard, took beautiful pork and shoved the braising pan under the tap (I can’t remember the Sixpoint beer he used – guess I have to watch the episode again) and filled it so it was just covering the meat. I imagine after a some time cooking that was some fine beery pork.

The other beer moment was much subtler but it made me happy. It was in the New Hampshire episode I saw yesterday. It was a beautiful day in an apple orchard. Everyone was enjoying the fresh cheese and wine. And then I saw a few beers on the table. They didn’t really mention it, but it was great to see beer playing a part in the feast. They were drinking Shoals Pale Ale, from Smuttynose.

I haven’t seen all the episodes so hopefully there are more beers to be had with The Endless Feast.

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