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Crannog Ales
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Crannog Ales

By Joe Ruvel · November 12th, 2007 · No Comments

The great non-food writer Calvin Trillin has written multiple times about a list he keeps comprised of foods he can only get somewhere else.  On this list is Pimientos de padron (which I have in my fridge – thank you Happy Quail Farms) and really good BBQ (which he admits is getting better in NYC).  My list includes ramen from Sapporo, sushi from Tokyo, and pizza from NYC (oh and the bagels!).

 I now have a second list. These are beers I read about and yearn for, yet have no chance of getting where I currently live. I have mentally had this list for awhile but now it is official. I want to add two breweries (so yeah when I said beers I can’t have I meant every beer from a brewery). There is Westvleteren because well the hype is just that huge and now there is Crannog Ales. I was reading the magazine All About Beer and came upon an interview with the owners Brian MacIsaac and Rebecca Kneen. Crannog is not only a brewery but it is also a farm. They are “Canada’s only Certified Organic farmhouse microbrewery”.  I have thought about the concept of a farmhouse brewery many times and have read about a few. But this one has a romance to it. I want to visit and hang out with the owners. How is the beer? I have no idea (remember the list). It is only available in southern British Columbia – they do not bottle and don’t want to send kegs too far because it is not sustainable. What a concept!

I hope sometime in the near future I can scratch their beers off my “beer I can’t get my hands on” and of course add a new one.

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