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The Lot at The High Line
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The Lot at The High Line

By Joe Ruvel · June 19th, 2011 · No Comments

Just for the summer – the high line plays host to a bunch of good beer.  All you new york people – go enjoy!


Throughout the summer, Colicchio & Sons offet The Lot on Tap, a new outdoor bar serving a variety of domestic wines, local beers, and non-alcoholic sodas, including Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat, a special brew made exclusively for Friends of the High Line by Brooklyn Brewery‘s Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver. Brooklyn High Line Elevated Wheat will be made with ingredients sourced from New York State, including North Country Farms‘ red winter wheat and Tremblay Apiaries‘ local honey, and is available exclusively at The Lot on Tap.

The Lot on Tap is situated directly under the High Line, with the historic structure’s steel girders flanking the sides of the bar’s counter, and has seating for 350. Both bars and some bench seating was constructed with original High Line beams that were removed during the transformation of the structure into a park.

Interested in holding a special event at The Lot on Tap? Call (212) 206-9922 or email info@thehighline.org.

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