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We made beer and caught a fish…
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We made beer and caught a fish…

By Jasmine · July 26th, 2010 · No Comments

I know that you, dear readers, are just as shocked as I am that Luke has not yet sent us a Mountainbeering article from Alaska. Our last dispatch from him was posted from Oregon. Meanwhile, Luke’s friend Emerson is working on a Cornell University research boat at the opposite but nearly as wild end of the U.S.–Maine. We are “babysitting” one set of his brewing equipment while he’s gadding around the world, but clearly he has more. He sends us this news:

“We made beer and caught a fish…
The beer is a rye IPA, and the fish is Wrymouth.
The beer, as the name suggests, is heavily hopped and has an
astringent character imparted by the rye. It’s not disimilar to Hop
Rod Rye from Bear Republic, although they have a much heavier grain
bill and therefore a maltier beer. We tried to toe the IPA line, keeping the on light side with more aggressive hops (nelson @ 13-14% AA). We just bottled the other day and are looking forward to seeing what happens!

Equally exciting, we set hagfish traps on Thursday to collect on
Friday and to our amazement a rather large eel-like fish
found it’s way into one of the traps. After a little head scratching,
co-brewmaster-deckhack-lab director Hal identified it as a Wrymouth
and stealing a wide-eyed glance at each we identified the recent batch
of beer as the Wrymouth Rye Pale Ale. Two birds with one stone – err
fish – something. ”

I left the recipe out, but if you’re interested, let me know and I’m sure he’ll share. The only sad part is that it is unlikely we’ll ever get to try any. Thanks, Emerson! Hope you’re having a great time in Maine.

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