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Back from the east – Boston Day 1
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Back from the east – Boston Day 1

By Joe Ruvel · July 28th, 2008 · No Comments

Boston was a blast. Very cool city. It had been a long time since I had been to Boston and I don’t think I have ever really explored the city. It was always somewhere I went to visit a friend or go to an event, never to just drink and eat (which of course I love to do). I only had a few hours in Boston before heading to Burlington, to meet up with Jasmine, so I planned on having at least one good meal and some good brew. Eastern Standard was a perfect choice.


Bleary eyed, after a rather long red eye flight, I wondered into Eastern Standard. A large but welcoming bistro, ES, has great beer and kick ass food. I wanted to try a bunch of the beers but i was pretty beat. In all I only had two drinks. My first beer was Harpoon UFO. A standard unfiltered wheat beer that I ordered more for nostalgia reasons then for the sake of trying a new beer. It is a good wheat beer and something I can’t get on the west coast. It also goes great with oysters – the lemon and wheat playing off the briny and sweet.

Not sure what to get next, I poured over the beer and cocktail lists. Both were pretty impressive. I thought about getting the Peak Organic Pale Ale but i wasn’t really in the mood for a pale ale. Then I was very close to getting Hoppin Frog Mean Manalishi Double IPA, and i probably should have looking at its ratebeer score, but a 22oz double IPA just didn’t seem like the way to go at the time. Instead I ordered an Ameri-Beer from the exciting beer cocktail section. The bartender told me that picon is a French biter that has a pretty strong orange flavor. Mixing that with a Czechvar made for a odd but good mixture. Like nothing I had ever had before. A dark bitter beer with a little orange and liquorice flavor to it. If i didn’t know that there was a shot of biter in there i might think this was a new beer i had never had. Overall a great meal and a place i highly recommend.

amazing fried salt cod


After that I found myself at Boston Beer Works. Nothing really special, although I did find it interesting that they like putting fruit in their beer. Huge wedge of watermelon in the watermelon wheat and a bunch of blueberries in the blue beer. Not sure I am totally on board with this trend. The heat, beer, and lack of sleep worked it’s magic and I ended up falling asleep on the train to Readercon. I will try and post about the other days we spent in Boston soon.


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