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Beerapalooza 2008: A Chat
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Beerapalooza 2008: A Chat

By Jasmine · February 28th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Joe (11:11 AM):  hey there jasmine. what up!

Jasmine (11:18 AM):  Okay, so Beerapalooza?

Joe (11:18 AM):  BEERAPALOOZA!!!! :D

Joe (11:18 AM):  good time, lots of people, lots of beer

Jasmine (11:19 AM):  Not frat boyish like the International beer fest. that’s what I’d been afraid of

Joe (11:19 AM):  nope i didn’t see any decked out babes vomiting pizza Orgasmica into a garbage can

Jasmine (11:20 AM):  That’s something you can & will only see once in your life
Joe (11:20 AM):  hopefully
Joe (11:20 AM):  i wasn’t sure how good the food would be but it went well with the beer overall – liked the creole food the best

Jasmine (11:20 AM):  A little budge, but good

Joe (11:20 AM):  yeah…and the beer

Joe (11:20 AM):  that wasn’t budge.  all the stars were there
Jasmine (11:20 AM):  My favorite beer is still the two kinds of Valley beers we tried

Joe (11:21 AM):  the one they made for the event was just awesome

Jasmine (11:21 AM):  Decadence and the Celebrator’s 20th special

Joe (11:21 AM):  yeah decadance was a bit strong for me but i LOVED the celebrator 20th special

Jasmine (11:21 AM):  I’ll post the video on Valley next
Joe (11:22 AM):  now we just have to hike it to Stockton

Joe (11:21 AM):  getting abyss on tap rocked

Jasmine (11:22 AM):  I can’t wait to drink our bottle of abyss here at home too

Joe (11:22 AM):  it was also cool to talk to Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River – can’t wait till Pliney is in bottle

Joe (11:23 AM):  and suplication (in like a year) will be all over the bay area

Jasmine (11:22 AM):  I didn’t love their new beer, but you did, right?

Joe (11:23 AM):  it was dark – made for valentines day – i liked it

Jasmine (11:23 AM):  Rejection? It was too bitter for me. Like rejection is, I guess!

Joe (11:24 AM):  hehe dark like the soul of the rejected – or something like that

Joe (11:24 AM):  um i just remembered la Folie from New belgium

Joe (11:24 AM):  i want it now! but alas i must wait

Joe (11:25 AM):  i mean lots of cherry – real sour but with a nice creamy taste up front

Joe (11:25 AM):  there was definitly apple flavor in there too. I want to get more into sour beers and this just pulls me in

Jasmine (11:26 AM):  Devil’s Canyon – the Scottish ale paired with the scottish ale cheese they made. LOVED it.

Joe (11:26 AM):  ya i really liked that cheese with the beer

Joe (11:26 AM):  and without :)

Jasmine (11:27 AM):  I didn’t know I liked Scottish ale so much. We had another one later and I really liked that too.

Joe (11:27 AM):  a new style to explore!

Joe (11:27 AM):  to the beer mobile
Jasmine (11:28 AM):  I did NOT like that peach ale, from the same people who make that blueberry one I also don’t like

Joe (11:29 AM):  lol – fruit beer can be tough

Joe (11:29 AM):  damn you and all your beerapalooza talk – i want a beer now

Jasmine (11:29 AM):  Heh, I really want the abyss!!!

Joe (11:30 AM):  don’t you dare

Jasmine (11:30 AM):  but it’s staring at me…

Joe (11:30 AM):  lol :)

Joe (11:31 AM):  ok i got to go back to the non beer part of my day :(

Joe (11:32 AM):  LOVE YOU!!!!

Jasmine (11:32 AM):  Love you too!
Joe (11:32 AM):    Aww ;)

Jasmine (11:32 AM):  Hah, I’m totally leaving that in!!

Joe (11:32 AM):  leave it in why don’t you!! i DARE u

Joe (11:32 AM):  lol

Joe (11:32 AM):  ok bye

Jasmine (11:32 AM):  buh bye

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  • 1 Dave // Mar 17, 2008 at 5:01 pm

    Adorable. I want a beer geek girlfriend!!

    Great site guys. I found you through a link on the Mikkeller blog. That big bad worse barleywine is fantastic!

  • 2 Joe Ruvel // Mar 19, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Hehe – Thanks Dave – she is great and her beer geek status just keeps going up. She brought back Brooklyn Lager for me from NYC – now come on does it get better then that!

    Thanks for the comment – you have a cool site yourself. I have to make it to LA one of these days – Father’s Office and FOII are calling.

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