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Beers & Brats: A Benefit for Oakland
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Beers & Brats: A Benefit for Oakland

By Joe Ruvel · October 27th, 2009 · 1 Comment

A few weeks ago  – Linden Street Brewery held a benefit for The Rotary Club of Oakland and the Bay Area Community Services (BACS) group. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go. Too much going on with work and life to enjoy all the beer events the bay area has to offer. Thankfully, Beer At Joe’s is lucky to have some amazing correspondents. These people seek out good beer and go the extra mile just for you.

This time we have our first write up from one of our East Bay correspondents. He goes by DK-EB.

Beautiful fall day.  Lovely beer on tap. The Port of Oakland.  What better way to blow a Saturday afternoon?


Linden Street Brewery is getting lots of buzz lately, and when they threw open their doors on Saturday to benefit the Oakland Rotary Club and Bay Area Community Services they didn’t disappoint.  Down near the port in a warehouse built in the 1890s, Linden has access to a sprawling space, one that comfortably accommodated a couple hundred people, a bbq station for bratwursts, eating areas (with the wonderful touch of bales of hay for seating), and a gigantic children’s moonwalk (yes, this was a family friendly beer event.)  Unfortunately, you could only peek inside the brewery itself.


So, the beer….  The Urban People’s Common Lager continues to impress.  Beautifully and deliciously unfiltered and naturally carbonated with a wonderful hoppiness, the Common Lager lives up to the history it is self-consciously styled after.  Linden strives to pay homage to the long tradition of Oakland brewing in the style of the gold rush days when European immigrants brewed what they knew how to in the climate of the Bay Area.  Meanwhile the Burning Oak Black Lager has a deep, rich color, but goes down smooth like a lager.


Linden is a welcome addition to what many quarters are announcing is a full-blown Oakland renaissance.  And, like this great city, the beers are wonderfully unpretentious and full of local pride. Taking in the crisp fall day with a fresh beer, the towering hulks of idle container cranes on the horizon and rumble of trains rolling in and out of Jack London Square, you can find deep contentment on the east side of the bay.

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  • 1 FUN & FACT // Nov 26, 2009 at 1:34 am

    God wanted us to be happy and that’s why he made beer. I won’t be able to live on any other planet because only earth has beer.

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