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Beverages of Transylvania
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Beverages of Transylvania

By Joe Ruvel · November 9th, 2013 · No Comments

A few photos of some of the drinks we had in Transylvania.

Ciuc bottle right when we got to Satu Mare. We were very hungry and thirsty. They made a mean pizza at the random place we stopped


Home distilled fruit brandy. First night in our little village home away from home. I think this is the plum brandy and boy was it easy to kick back a few of these after dinner.


Fresh/New wine – quick ferment – rather young table wine. Almost everyone in the village had vines near their doorway. They make wine for themselves and for guests. Simple and delicious.

Tuica (kind of like a sherry – pretty sweet – Jasmine loved it) and Palinka

Fancy wine shop in Bucharest – very interesting wines from Davino

Feteasca Alba – ancient Romanian grape that is over 2000 years old

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