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Oregon Brewers Festival

By Joe Ruvel · July 28th, 2013 · No Comments

What a well run festival. From the people at the gates to how they serve the beer  - this festival was one of the best run festivals I have ever been to. Because it ran 5 days this year the opportunity to go on a day that isn’t that crowded is great for anyone that can do it. We went on day 2 of the festival (thursday) and it was perfect. Sunny, right on the water with a good amount of people there (festive without being crowded). Fun music, lots of food options AND you can bring in food which we did (Kenny and Zuke’s pastrami sandwich!).

I liked the idea that each brewery brings the same beer every day for five days. It lets you easily associate a beer with a brewery and try a bunch. My friend Bill thought that two beers would be good per brewery and I get what he is saying. That way you could try a brewery’s options while still having a choice. Still I liked it as a different style festival then the 5 beers per brewery smorgasbord that I am used to.

Some of my favorite brews were:

Hop Contract – Fort George Brewery – BIG hop flavor without too big a body. Lots of talk about this brewery in Portland right now.

Bone Crusher Imperial Red – Silver Moon Brewing –  liking this style  - real tasty brew – 100 IBU – 8.6% abv

Cluster F Single-Hop IPA  - Double Mountain – Cluster Hops in the face! Goooood bitterness. Like this brewery a lot  - Vaporizer Pale was pretty darn good too.

Overrated West Coast IPA – Surly Brewing Company (!) – real excited to see them here – kind of a surprise – and I liked this one a good amount.

DJ Jazzy Hef – Gilgamesh Brewery  -  got this one because of the name mostly but we liked it – it has Jasmine in it but it was just a bit and overall a good one

And now some pics:







If you have never been – I would plan to go next year – a vacation to Portaland with OBF part of it is a great way to spend a few days in July.

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