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Autumn Aged Sake Tasting
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Autumn Aged Sake Tasting

By Joe Ruvel · December 31st, 2011 · No Comments

Last night we were lucky to try a few aged sakes from Corkage sake bar and shop.

You are probably asking  - Joe – ok I know sake but what is Autumn sake. Good question! I had never really heard of this either. I think this year it is being brought to America as a pretty big thing. And with it some great sakes.

From Beau Timken:

Most brewers will age a portion of this Nama production for roughly six months. Then in the autumn they will hit it with heat “pasteurize” it once as opposed to the typical two heatings and then bottle and release this style of sake. And therein rests the secret technique for making Hiyaoroshi sake.

So what did we have:

Sawanoi “Genrokugura Hiyaoroshi” – Fountain of Tokyo – a pretty great sake in my book. Rich and smooth but with a good yeasty taste. I could drink a lot of this one.

Wakatake Onikoroshi “Akino Ki-ippon” – Demon Slayer – not bad but not very memorable really. Rather light. I could spend more time with this one. I think I have had the regular Demon Slayer before – would be interesting to compare.

Urakasumi “Hiyaoroshi” – Misty Bay – I wonder if this one is traditional of this style – because it tasted different then most sake that I usually have. I think the fruity aged flavor came out a good amount. Not my favorite – but still interesting.

We also had some non Hiyaoroshi sake last night too – one was pretty nuts – it had a very noticeable stinky cheese, mushroom smell and taste to it. Very savory.  It is called Three Dots – Kamoizumi Shusen.

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