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Enjoying the Apples
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Enjoying the Apples

By Joe Ruvel · February 16th, 2014 · No Comments

I am not a cider person. Pretty much every time I try cider I don’t enjoy it. Usually it is just too sweet. But I think mainly I have been trying pretty bad ciders. So far on this trip I have tried a few apple ciders and some straight apple juice and actually enjoyed both a lot.

Just like anything else, you need to find the type of something that you like. I hate sugary sweet apple juice or cider. But make it taste tart and I am a huge fan. Oddly one of the favorite apple drinks I tried was the companies “medium” variety. It tasted like lots of fresh apples thrown into my mouth in one go. Much better I thought then their “tangy” one. So I guess you never know. This juice was made by Llewellyns Orchard. Great stuff if you find yourself in Ireland and can try it.


Some ciders remind me a lot of sour beers. They hit you right up front and then have a nice aftertaste. They also go great with some foods like turkey or lamb or at least it did for us during Thanksgiving. I know very little about cider and so don’t really know if this is a great version of this style but I liked it a lot. French Sparkling Apple, ‘Antoinette’, Dry, Duche Longueville was what we drank with dinner on Thanksgiving. You should be able to find this is the states.


Finally there is the craft cider that sits right next to all the good Irish craft beers. This stuff was like a slightly sweet saison. Great flavor and just delicious. I tried a full bottle of MacIvors medium and liked it but I got to have a taste of the dry and that is where the gold is at. I can’t imagine this is available in the states but you never know – one day it could be. Or look for good local cider – it might actually be better then you think.


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