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Back from vacation
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Back from vacation

By Joe Ruvel · August 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Hello All – we have been gone for a few days – hanging with family in the land of beer and cheese that is Wisconsin. There was good food, good beer, but mostly just good fun with the family. We hope to get back to regular posting soon. Some of the posts you can look for soon are:

  • IPA Fest rundown – I know it was awhile ago – but it is still worth talking about
  • A few more session write ups from SF Chef Food Wine (including an actual beer one!)
  • A review of the Honey Basil beer from Bison Brewery
  • A rundown of beers tasted at a brunch we had last week
  • The tasting of the second batch of homebrew
  • Exploring the old beer sign treasures that were found in Jasmine’s parents barn

So yeah a bunch of stuff. Check back soon. 

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