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Beer Steinologist
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Beer Steinologist

By Jasmine · June 20th, 2011 · No Comments

It always happens that whenever I forget to follow and contribute to the Sessions, I will inevitably miss one that I think would have been especially fun to write about, or I post something that would have fit last month’s theme. The vidoe I have for today would have fit perfectly with June’s “Collectibles & Breweriana” topic hosted by All Over Beer.
Ah, well.
At the Aladmeda Point Antiques Fair (I think it’s no longer PC to call it a flea market) we met Les Paul Jr., Beer Steinologist. In the video below, he tells us how he got started collecting, shows off his beer stein book, and tells us his favorite beer:

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Although I can’t find a website for him, Les Paul is apparently a contributor to the very fun online Beer Stein Library (check out the sample area where you can see steins shaped like bowling pins, radishes, and one with a depiction of an autopsy on it, among others).

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