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Chocolate Salon
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Chocolate Salon

By Jasmine · April 17th, 2011 · No Comments

We had two different beer truffles at the chocolate salon today. First was from Socola Chocolatier in Oakland (an adorable pair of chocolatiers, if I do say so). They use Rogue’s Shakespeare Stout and we were actually first introduced to them at a Rogue beer and cheese pairing event that ended with their delicious truffle (the best part of the event, to be honest).

The second truffle was made with Linden Street’s black lager–we’re pretty sure the company making it was Vice (hey, just like beer festivals, they all start blurring together). They’re just down the block from Linden street, and can just walk on over, container in hand. 

Both were delicious–Socola in particular has a lot of other fun flavors like Siracha and Notorious H.O.G. (with bacon).

Every year I eat myself sick at the Chocolate Salon. This year was mitigated by the fact that there is now a Sunday farmer’s market at Fort Mason–a lunch break definitely helps!

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