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Have a pint of pumpkin
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Have a pint of pumpkin

By Joe Ruvel · September 29th, 2008 · No Comments

It is the time of year again where the pumpkin beers come out of hiding and are turned onto the market  – like a batch of pumpkins getting thrown from the back of a truck.


It happens pretty much over night and in the end – I try to embrace it. I like most pumpkin beers. The bad ones have too much sweetness and are usually over-spiced. But the good ones have a nice pumpkin pie spice and full ale taste to them. They are warming usually with a good amount of alcohol and go well with fall foods.

One of my favorites is Dogfish Head Punkin Ale. Love the name and the beer. I think the secret to this one is that DH starts with a good brown ale and goes from there. They aren’t too heavy handed with it and it shows in the beer. At 7% ABV a few of these will make you feel like a pumpkin. I had mine with some homemade sourdough walnut bread (thanks Jasmine!) and a little peanut butter. Made me very happy.

Haven’t tried Punkin Ale on tap yet  – but I hear that you can get it at Monk’s Kettle in the mission district of San Francisco – so I will probably be heading over there soon.

Anyone have any other recommendations for pumpkin beers – or really any other beer that graces the public only in the fall?

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