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On Saint Patrick’s Day
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On Saint Patrick’s Day

By Joe Ruvel · March 18th, 2009 · No Comments

I did not:

wear green

tell anyone to kiss me because I am Irish

drink a pint of draft Guinness

get stupid drunk and run around North Beach being annoying

I did:

drink two PBRs at ten thirty in the morning

enjoy farl cooked by Jasmine the night before

eat corned beef and cabbage and soda bread

make Jameson and Cranberry cocktails for a bunch of co workers

drank a Jameson, Guinness, and ice cream concoction

had two pints of the wonderful Velvet Merkin

enjoyed a Rogue beer that is exported to Japan (Ezo chocolate stout – like a chocolate bar pushed into a glass)

had a great day (hope you all did too)


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