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The All-Important Questions
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The All-Important Questions

By Jasmine · January 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Here in Wisconsin, there is only one question more important than Bud or Miller, and that is Ford or Chevy?

I’m from a Ford family. My dad drives an F-150 (that’s a rather large pickup truck, not an airplane) and my mom drives a Ford Taurus, her second in ten years. At one time, my brother and I were both driving red Ford Escorts, the only difference being the bumper stickers we each had. I wasn’t even aware of this bias for most of my life. We just go out to look for a “good” car, and of course that’s likely to be a Ford.

In the same vein, we’re a Bud family. This is despite the fact that Miller is a Wisconsin company, while Bud is from St. Louis. My dad drinks nothing but. When Joe and I try to take my parents to our “fancy” beer bars, my dad asks for Bud Lite. When they (inevitably) tell him they don’t have it, he asks for whatever tastes the most like it. My brother claims it is one of the few beers he can choke down (yeah, we don’t know where he came from) and even Joe has been known to drink Budweiser (never Bud Lite) in a bottle when no one is looking. It made for good family relations from the beginning.

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