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‘Tis the Season
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‘Tis the Season

By Jasmine · December 13th, 2010 · No Comments

What is it about seasonal anything that gets us all so excited? I see a chalkboard sign outside a coffeeshop for Eggnog lattes and run inside to buy one. I am a black coffee drinker. It tastes like crap, just like it did last year. Yet I always fall for it. Is it nostalgia? Or the theory of scarcity, as in, I can only get eggnog lattes one month out of the year, so my brain screams at me to get it now?
I do the same thing with holiday beers. As soon as the calendar turns to October, I start hunting for pumpkin beer. Once Thanksgiving passes, I start looking for anything with a winter snow scene on the label. Both impulses have mixed results. Most “pumpkin” beers may technically have pumpkin in them, but it’s the spices that we’re really tasting. And what I want to drink next to a Christmas tree and a fire (something dark, with bitter chocolate and cinnamon notes) is totally different from what most Belgian companies brew as their holiday release (usually a paler ale, with spices, sure, but with a lot of alcohol and sweetness).
Coming up we have three seasonal reviews for you. First, the Beer at Joe’s staff (Jasmine, Joe and Luke) line up as many pumpkin beers at we can find and give you a side-by-side comparison. Next, we’ll tell you about this year’s BevMo Holiday beer festival and what the best American holiday beers we drank there were. Finally, we are still recovering from the Third Annual Beer at Joe’s holiday party held, as usual, at La Trappe. Mike pulled out some special 2008 bottles of Belgian holiday beers from his cellar, so we’ll tell you how those are drinking two years later.
Cheers, and may your holidays be full of good beer and great friends!

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