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What to Drink on Your Wedding
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What to Drink on Your Wedding

By Jasmine · September 10th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Everyone says that when you’re the one getting married, you don’t get to eat your own food or even your own cake half the time. I managed to taste most of the food and definitely had some cake (both flavors!) but I did miss out on a few of the beers at 21st Amendment.

Hell Or High Watermelon was a favorite–I’ve had it before but it seems like it may have been a particularly good batch. Also, it always tastes better on tap with a juicy (in season!) wedge of watermelon. I had one sip of someone’s Hendrik’s Imperial Espresso Stout which sort of has the essence of…Robitussan. Our guests raved about Hop Crisis too. Possibly because it was super high alcohol (7%) but I think everyone actually liked the taste as well. I’m still trying to get myself to 21A to try that one.

The one beer I did get to drink that my stressed-out stomach could deal with was the South Park Blonde. If you ever wonder what people mean when they talk about “mouthfeel”, drink a lager and then drink a South Park Blonde. Something about it just feels sort of thick in your mouth (insert inappropriate joke here), but of course the liquid isn’t actually any thicker than any other beer. It’s a light golden ale with rich but crisp citrus notes to it. It comes in at a fairly low 5.0%. Excellent for a warm summer night–or a sweaty night of dancing.

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  • 1 Best Beer // Sep 16, 2010 at 11:56 pm

    Well Beers are always present on occasions. It depends only on you if you want to drink some or not, but that thing shouldn’t be the one to be missed out.

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