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Mountainbeering: Ryan Mt.
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Mountainbeering: Ryan Mt.

By Jasmine · July 17th, 2009 · No Comments

Inspired by our beer destination discussions, my brother Luke offered to share his “Extreme Beer Drinking” experience:

Have you ever encountered a situation similar to this: it’s 90 degrees out, you’re at the park with some friends, and you just got done kicking some ass at (insert random sport). You’re hot, sweaty, happy and, most of all, thirsty. You reach into the cooler only to discover that the six-pack of premium brew you brought has already been dispersed among the crowd. All that’s left is a collection of cans sporting catchy slogans and filled with what you know to be watered-down, malted whale snot. Pressing onward, you decide to take a swig anyway, and find it to be one of the most refreshing beverages to ever pass your lips. How is that possible? I don’t care how disturbingly affectionate you are towards your favorite beer, sometimes it’s the situation, and not the beer, that makes a beer amazing. Therefore, I have decided to embark on a journey to attain the most refreshing situational beers the world has ever known. What situation can you dream up that would create the best beer to ever grace your taste buds and quench your all-consuming thirst? Crossing a desert? Climbing a mountain? How about both.

On a recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park, my girlfriend and I decided that knocking back a few cold ones around the campfire just wasn’t enough. We were going to enjoy these beers to the max. So, the following evening we picked a peak (5,461-foot

Ryan Mountain) and started climbing. The three-mile round trip hike is steep, and we walk fast. There seemed to be an unspoken agreement that we were going to “win” this hike, even though nobody else on the trail knew they were competing against us.

 Joshua Tree National Park

As we approached the looming apex of the mountain, all thoughts focused on the tasty libations nestled deep in the heart of my pack – a crisp White Hawk IPA by Mendocino Brewing Company. Needless to say, at the end of our 1,000-foot ascent, I eagerly cracked open a bottle and smiled in anticipation. The gusting winds drove the hops aroma directly up my dust-filled nostrils in a brutal, yet tantalizing fashion. I took a sip, and it was pure heaven. Even though I had drunk several of these beers the night prior, this was a completely new experience. The bitter aftertaste excited my taste buds and the carbonation tickled my tongue. There we stood, perched atop the precipice in Joshua Tree, and I happily drank in the views while I drank, what was at that moment in time, the world’s most refreshing beer.

--Luke Smith

 Aliza on Ryan Mt.


Thanks Luke! Does this mean you're bringing a couple of Colt 45's on your next hike?

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