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Beer at Joe’s — Have a beer with Joe and Jasmine
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By Jasmine · September 20th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Lagunitas! The last time I went to Lagunitas they proved to me what massive stoners they really are. During this visit, I paid them back by displaying what a massive drunk I can really be.

Our group got to go hangout in the upstairs tasting room at Lagunitas, which looks like it was furnished and decorated by frat boys with taste and money. There are non-gross couches, a bar that used to be a bowling alley, foosball, and a chandelier made of Barbies.
Yes, I know it’s blurry. For some reason all of my pictures suddenly start looking like that.
We did a tasting. Lagunitas consistently does some of the best everyday beers. Their pilsner is always awesome, refreshing and flavorful. Their IPA is the best. Their current “seasonal” is the Little Sumpin’ Wild. It had a bit of funk, rich and malty, but isn’t too tart–it was the first time I’d ever had it on tap.
I also tried the Bavarian-style Doppel Weizen. They use a traditional yeast sent over from Bavaria and it had that Belgian style sugary malt to it.
There was a tour, but I failed to go on it.

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Charles W. Cushman New York City Photos

By Joe Ruvel · September 16th, 2011 · Comments Off

Amazing color shots of New York City from 1941 and 1942 have been released on the internet. They are part of the Charles Cushman Collection. He used a colour Kodachrome camera. They are some of the best pics of that time I have ever scene. My dad would come to this New York only a few years after these pictures were taken. Check out two beer related shots below. Check out the entire collection.

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Albion Castle still for sale

By Joe Ruvel · September 16th, 2011 · Comments Off

Come on SF beer mavens – someone has to want to buy the Albion Castle and make it into a brewery. You have water rights (at least I think you should if you have a basement full of water)! You have history. And you even have gothic scary rooms. It is perfect. A nice kickstarter campaign could probably get you close to the down payment.

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New gin on the shelves

By Joe Ruvel · September 13th, 2011 · Comments Off

Those genius at St. George Spirits are at it again. Three new gins are out on the market. Check out this Thrillist video and descriptions.

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Farm to Barrel – Almanac Beer Company video

By Joe Ruvel · August 28th, 2011 · Comments Off

Check out this great video documenting Almanac Beer Company’s journey in making their first beer.

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And if you haven’t tried it yet – seek it out – there really isn’t much like it out there. Jesse says it right when he talks about it not being a fruit beer but being a delicious food beer that was made with fresh of the season fruit. You can’t fake that light dry sun-baked (ok that might just me being a bit nostalgic for picking fruit in the summer) blackberry flavor.

While I am giving Almanac props, I should also point you all to Jesse’s soda company SodaCraft. He is making naturally fermented sodas that are much better then most you have tried. My favorites so far are Xtra-dry ginger ale and blackberry pie.

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