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Beer at Joe’s — Have a beer with Joe and Jasmine
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Drool Worthy System

By Joe Ruvel · April 9th, 2011 · Comments Off

I want!

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Beer paired with…stories?

By Jasmine · April 8th, 2011 · Comments Off

I was trying to hunt down pictures of the microbrewery Dieu du ciel in Montreal (wow, is it beautiful in there) and happened upon their news section. A few weeks ago they were part of an event with a storyteller where you would have a few of their beers and then “the storyteller will take over to tell you a story related to what’s in your glass.”
Reason #234,003 to love Canada.
Read the full event listing.

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By Joe Ruvel · March 6th, 2011 · 1 Comment

Come on  – drink it – we all are – man up!  Down it!  This is the usual peer pressure situation that happens all the time when alcohol is involved.  It usually involves very powerful shots or sometimes the volume of beer to be consumed. But in certain groups this is changing some.

Are you going to drink that? Ewww! Something is ordered for the entire table and pretty much everyone hates it except one person.  A 12 angry men drinking moment. I call this Peerahol. Peerahol is when the peer group you are with is against the chosen drink, but there is at least one standout. For whatever reason someone in the group loves the ordered drink. This person might have had serious head injruy earlier in their life or maybe they actually do love the drink.

Last week – I took part in Peerahol. I was near the tail end of a night out with my co-workers.We were at Rickhouse in San Francisco. They have loads of traditional and non-traditional cocktails to try. We made pretty good work of two punch bowls. For the last drink of the night I chose a real geeky drink. It was The Laphroaig Project.  Before I knew it I was ordering it for all the remaining drinkers.

A pretty interesting drink – it has Laphroaig Scotch in it – one of the most peaty scotches.  Like sucking on charcoal type of scotch.  That is mixed with two types of Chartreuse, Maraschino Liqueur, lemon juice, and bitters. Find the full recipe here.  The drink was served and we all tasted.  There was some laughter and some gasping. Really? Is this the drink?  But for me – I pretty much loved it. I didn’t think I would – I had heard about this drink before and really with the ingredients in it – I thought I would force myself to finish it. But something really came together for me. The smoke was cut some by the mysterious blend of yellow and green Chartreuse. Usually Chartreuse taste like floor cleaner to me – and that same piney flavor was there but it blended much better with the smoke and acid.

The Peerahol was thick. My co-workers thought I was just liking it because it was interesting and challenging. That is possible – but I don’t think that is the case. In the end another tasting, by myself this time, will need to be done. Soon.

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Beer Week so far

By Jasmine · February 19th, 2011 · Comments Off

A few highs and lows:
Waiting in line for 45 minutes just to get in to the Friday night gala. I understand there were some issues with the fire marshall. Joe and I weren’t too worried once the line started moving. We knew we’d get in eventually, and only two or three places were out of beer once we got in. Heck, those places probably ran out during the VIP hour.

No, what really got us was that when we walked in we were handed a plastic cup, when we had been promised a beer glass, and when the majority of people inside already had a beer glass. You see, this is a simple formula. The event sold out so they knew EXACTLY how many tickets they had sold before the event. I know it takes time to order glasses, but I believe it sold out last year as well, meaning this couldn’t have come as a shock. There were still at least a hundred people in line behind us as well. Anyways, once we got in, we no longer cared and dove head first into delicious beers. A few favorites: Big Lebowski from Social Kitchen–I’ve never seen a light beer with such a perfect coffee flavor; Ryedentity Crisis from Devil’s Canyon; High Water Brewing! We are stoked to see Steve Altimari brewing again; Two Weeks Notice, a mugwort brew from Moonlight.

The next day we swung by Beer Revolution for some Kern River Brews, then on to Pi Bar. We had actually been planning to head out to Social Kitchen for the nano-brewery night, but my brother was in line and called to tell us that there were a hundred people ahead of him and at least another forty behind him, and the line WASN’T moving.
This is what happens when you live in a city. There are great things that happen, but if they are truly awesome, they will eventually be overrun. We talked about this with the BevMo Holiday Beers Fest. It happened with the Chocolate Festival. It is happening with Beer Week. We love Beer Week, but by next year someone is going to have to step in and do some serious re-planning. Events are getting bigger. The online list is overrun with things that run all week (why do they have to list them every day?) so that it’s hard to figure out what events are happening when. More events are going to have to be ticketed.

Anyways, at Pi Bar we got to drink Local Brewing’s “1776″ a lovely, balanced dark IPA (forgive me if I’m wrong about that, I can find my info and there have been a lot of beers in the meantime). They are currently contract brewing this at Thirsty Bear while raising funds to set up a tap room in SF. I had the opportunity to speak with Regan a bit, one of the two women behind Local. This is not the last we’ll have heard of them, so keep an eye out.

We also meet Yuri Green, the head brewer for Cherry Voodoo, while there. This seems to be the year of the new brewery, and god bless them. It’s time for some new blood. Cherry Voodoo shares space with Devil’s Canyon, and I believe are fully up and running at this point. Joe also got to taste Almanac’s beer at another event, which I’m sure he’ll tell you about. Last we heard, they were hung up in licensing, but we hope we can get some of their brews SOON.

Wow, editorializing is exhausting. I need to go drink my Liver Detox ™ tea and veg out for a while. More to come!

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And the new Anchor beer is…

By Joe Ruvel · February 17th, 2011 · Comments Off

Brekle’s Brown.   The beer is a brown session beer with a blend of malts and just one hop – citra.   Sounds great and is fun to say.  Read more about it at Anchor’s site.

Brekle's Brown

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