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Tastings, Beer Dinners, Events – Oh My!

By Joe Ruvel · February 15th, 2011 · Comments Off

Beer week continues on.  The gala was a rambunctious and drunk good time (and a bit annoying  – but that is for a different time).  There was of course a bunch of stand out beers (Sour Stout from Anderson Valley, Two weeks notice from Moonlight, and the beers from a new brewery in Belmont – Cherry Voodoo) .

I have been lucky to get to go to two fine tastings at Pi bar and even have a relaxing time sharing some beers with locals at the Englander.  Last night was an amazing beer dinner. Beer week just plain rocks.  Below are some events that hit our radar and we will try to go to – and a few we can’t go to but sound amazing.  Just a word of caution  – events are getting crowded and are selling out, so if you are into something, buy those tickets or get there early. And the joke is – this list doesn’t even really scratch the surface.  Go here for all the details on all of the events.

Cherry Voodoo Launch Party at Church Key – Tuesday – 9pm – close

Firkins and Franks and Beers from the North Bay – Public House  – Tuesday 4pm – 10pm

A Night of Tribute To B. United’s Bulk Container Project La Trappe Cafe  – Wednesday 6pm – 11:30pm

Almanac Beer Dinner Flour + Water  – Thursday – 7pm – 10pm

Beer at Joe’s and La Trappe Cafe Present An Afternoon (and Night) of Beer with Cheese and Charcuterie
(Our event of course!) – Thursday  – 4pm – 11:00pm

Humphry Slocombe Beer Ice Cream  – every day 12pm – 9pm – they are rotating flavors each day too – totally worth the trip.

Library Beer Tasting 21st Amendment Brewery – Friday -  7pm – 10pm

Fifty Fifty and High Water Brewing, and a free ballpark tour! Public House  – Friday – 4pm – 10pm

Third Annual Craft Beer in Can Tasting  – The Jug Shop – Friday -  6:30 – 8:30

Younger Night (Pliny the Younger and a tribute to Don Y) -  Toronado  – 6:00 – 2:00am

Meet the Brewer: Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker -  Beer Revolution ( Attire: merkins encouraged but not required) – Friday -  6:00 – 10:00

18th Annual Barleywine Festival -  Toronado  – Sat/Sun – 10am – 2am

Pre-Barleywine Festival Sausage and Beer Brunch – Magnolia Pub & Brewery  – Sat/Sun – 10am – 2:30pm

Beer-Chef Bruce’s Beer Brunch -  Barclay’s Restaurant and Pub  – Sunday  – 10am – 4pm

Meet the Brewers: Ale Industries Beer Revolution  – Sunday  – 2pm – 9pm

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SF Beer Week 2011 is here!

By Joe Ruvel · February 11th, 2011 · Comments Off

Drink up!

There are a ridiculous amount of events this year. I think I saw the number is close to 350.  We will post soon some of the events we are really into and will try and get some coverage of events up too. Maybe a video or two.  In the meantime I wanted to make sure I mention  – that we are actually having an event. Woot!  The amazing folks at La Trappe are working with us to put together an exciting event filled with good beer, cheese, and some meat to try.  Jasmine is using her cheese ninja skills and I am tasting away to find good stuff for all of you to try.  The event is going to focus on sour beers (of all types) and washed rind stinky cheeses.  Some really good stuff – I promise.

SF Beer Week Event

Beer at Joe’s and La Trappe Cafe Present An Afternoon of Beer with Cheese and Charcuterie
La Trappe Cafe

800 Greenwich St.
San Francisco,
CA 94133


February 17
4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Admission: No Charge

Brief Description:

Fatted Calf has teamed up with us to present you with tasty, local charcuterie along with various cheese selections from Belgium and Cowgirl Creamery. We will be going into our cellar and dusting off some bottles of special brews we have been saving for such an occasion! This event will be a bit on the sour side, if you know what we mean.

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Beer news from around the Bay Area

By Joe Ruvel · January 27th, 2011 · 1 Comment

With beer week only a few weeks away the bay area is gearing up for all things beer. Here are a few items that might interest you all:

  • 21A is about to release any day now a new canned beer. This one is a favorite in the brewpub – Bitter American – a relatively low alcohol session beer with a big punch. It is a “long-overdue tribute to unsung, unwitting heroes everywhere.”
  • Pliny the younger is coming out on Friday, February 4th.  It is a very special beer as you all know.  Here is what the Russian River folks have to say. “We are releasing Pliny the Younger on February 4, 2011!  Due to the overwhelming turnout last year, we have made a few changes to enable more beer enthusiasts, like yourself, as well as our regular customers to enjoy some Younger!  It will be available on draft in 10oz. pours at our pub from February 4th-17th.  We will allocate a certain number of kegs each day in order to last the full 2 weeks.  Our employees will not know how many kegs they are getting each day.  And they won’t know when we might run out.  In addition, there will be NO GROWLERS.  The only way to get it to go is in your tummy!
  • A bonus one for you – a great Weekend Sherpa today.  Bikes and Brews – sounds mighty fine.

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Taste the Penguin

By Joe Ruvel · January 21st, 2011 · Comments Off

Tactical Nuclear Penguin!

You know the brewery. You know the beer. We finally got to try some. Amazingly  - it was actually rather tasty. I am slowly getting into scotch and this definitely reminded me of a scotch. It coated the glass like no other beer I have ever had – which makes sense when you think about the booze inside of it. While it reminds me of scotch the taste was still beer. Rather bacon tasting and smoky with sticky dried fruit flavors and a good dose of fire. But it wasn’t that hard to drink a little taste of it.  Got to like the packaging too.

If you want to buy a bottle, run over to the Jug Shop and ask Eric if he has any left.  The bottles are $80 each.  They also have Sink the Bismark.


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Mountainbeering takes off

By Joe Ruvel · January 15th, 2011 · Comments Off

You know Luke. Jasmine’s brother, homebrewing catalyst, and avid adventurer. You have also probably read about mountainbeering. Well it now has its own home. Patrick and Luke will whisk you away to the far corners of the world, hiking, climbing, and having some damn good beer. Check out one of the latest posts: Pier to Peak Half Marathon: Allagash Dash and maybe even submit your own.

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