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5 tastes from SF CFW Opening Party
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5 tastes from SF CFW Opening Party

By Joe Ruvel · August 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments

I walked into the opening party tent at SF Chef. Food. Wine. and thought wow I don’t usually go to these kind of parties. For the first thing they usually are pretty pricey (and this one was too – disclosure – Jasmine and I got media passes to all the SF CFW events we are attending) and a lot of times they are more pomp and circumstance then an actual good event with good food and drinks. While there were a few staples of “one of those” parties – especially the band which was good but SO LOUD – overall it was a pretty great time. Some of the best chefs around serving some exciting tastes, a bunch of wineries, one beer (I will get to that later), and some spectacular cocktails from the top bartenders around town. Onto my most memorable five beverage (great food too but it is good to focus) tastes (in no particular order).

5.  Dry Rum Daisy – Dolin Blanc Vermouth, Small Hands Grenadine, lemon, white rum, and nutmeg – made by Eric Johnson from Bar Agricole – this is just an amazing cocktail made perfectly – and I even got a description of what a Daisy is (“traditional long drink consisting of a base spirit, lemon juice, and usually either grenadine, raspberry syrup, sugar, or gum syrup”).


4. Treasure Island 2006 Pinot – did you know there was a winery on TI – I did not - it was a fine pinot – full of that silky berry flavor. The owners told me there is also a new distillery out there.

3. Trumer Pils – yeah I like trumer – it is delicious – but the only beer – and it was kind of sad too – nobody from Trumer was even there – they were just giving out bottles. Hey I guess it was nice they had a beer there. Tonight at the urban BBQ I think Trumer will be the only beer again – but tomorrow at the taste tent there should be lots of beer – so that is good.


2. Agua De Oro – Partida, Apriums, Sage, and Fresh Lemon – I can’t remember the bartender’s name (oh thanks google – I am almost sure it is – Carlos Yturria) that made it but wow what an interesting cocktail. I always try and dissect what is in the drink but for this one (Jasmine kept telling me I had to try it) I just did not care – it was that good. I was just happy to try something new and enjoy it with a beautiful girl on my arm.



1. The Dead Reckoning – Flor De Cana 12 year, Fresh Lemon, Pineapple Navan, Maple Syrup, and Tawny Port – this was from Martin Cate – how does something with all those ingredients not taste sickly sweet? Tiki Magic!! And a word class bartender. Can’t wait for his new place to open.


All that alcohol you are probably hungry – here are a few of my favorite food pictures:




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  • 1 Dan // Aug 10, 2009 at 8:53 am

    They once visited the TI winery on Eye on the Bay, and I think i mention it to jen about once a week that we should all take a (bus) trip to their tasting room. Let’s go sometime!

  • 2 Urban BBQ // Aug 10, 2009 at 9:20 pm

    [...] 5 tastes from SF CFW Opening Party [...]

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