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A Deschutes Good Time
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A Deschutes Good Time

By Joe Ruvel · June 26th, 2008 · No Comments

Last Friday two events came together very nicely. At work we decided to finally throw a BBQ. We all cooked a bunch of food and got two grills going. So with food all figured out and the weather cooperating, the big question was what are we going to drink. Enter in my coworker Peter. He recently took a trip up the coast of Oregon, and stopped at both Mt Shasta Brewing Company and Deschutes Brewery. He is a very good beer scout, not only did he bring me back a new opener, but plenty of Oregon beer. I have always enjoyed Mirror Pond and Inversion but to get to try a bunch of new beers was a great treat.

the selection of beers

The highlight for me was definitely the Twilight Ale from Deschutes. This is not an everyday summer beer. Full flavored but not that sweet, an ale for the outdoors. Sounds like a commercial maybe but really it was a perfect beer for the moment. I paired the ale with tandoori chicken marinated for a few hours then thrown on the grill (thanks Sachin!). The other beer I really enjoyed was Shastafarian Porter. A pretty standard light porter that had good balance of richness and bitterness. And hey it was brewed in Weed, CA!



some porter man

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