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Beer at Joe’s Beer Week Schedule
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Beer at Joe’s Beer Week Schedule

By Jasmine · February 1st, 2010 · No Comments

For those of you playing along at home, here’s the Beer at Joe’s schedule for SF Beer Week (subject to change):

Friday, Feb. 5th: Opening Gala @ Yerba Buena Center 5-9pm (Joe), Valley tasting at The Jug Shop 6:30-8:30 (Jasmine)

Sat, Feb 6th: Double IPA Festival @ The Bistro 11am-7pm (Joe)

Sun, Feb 7th: Beerunch @ Miss Pearl’s Jam House 11m (both)

Mon, Feb 8th: East Bay Day for us! Lunch at Chez Panisse with beer pairings, Sour Monday @ Triple Rock and Jupiter 3-10pm, Beer dinner @ Beretta 7-9:30pm. This is the day that will make or break us.

Tues, Feb 9th: Moonlight @ Monk’s Kettle 5-8pm, Churchkey’s Brewery night with Moylan’s and Marin Brewing, Jewbelation craft beer bar mitzvah @ Amnesia 7pm-midnight. This is perhaps wishful thinking. We will make it to Churchkey–all other events will be pending.

Wed, Feb 10th: Beer & Cheese pairings @ Rogue (both–we’ve been wanting to go to this event ever since we moved to North Beach. We’re finally going!)

Thurs, Feb 11th: Drake’s Jolly Roger Ascendere @ Pi Bar 3-11pm

Fri, Feb 12th: Russian River tasting @ The Jug Shop 6:30-8:30pm

Sat, Feb 13th: Barleywine Festival (Joe)

Sun, Feb 14th: 21st Amendment’s Brewer’s Tea (this is how we do romance–21st Amendment is where we are holding our wedding reception this summer).

Everyday: beer ice cream @ Humphry Slocombe, strong beer month @ Magnolia/21st Amendment,

A few things that we really want to make it to but probably can’t: Beer and Nosh dinner @ Scala’s Feb 10th, Moonlight beers@t Bobby G’s Feb 8th, A Porcine Valentine @ La Trappe Feb 14th, the Bill Brand tribute @ Drake’s Feb 12th

Barleywine @ Toronado

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