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Beer on Both Coasts
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Beer on Both Coasts

By Joe Ruvel · September 15th, 2008 · No Comments


winterpics 200Whether you are in NY or SF this weekend there are beer events for you.First up New York City. NY Craft Beer Week begins in force tonight. There are events planned all weekend long. I am hoping to get a roundup of what breweries are there and what they are serving from two of my NY friends and Beer At Joe’s correspondents. Another cool thing that is going on as part of the craft beer week, is the concept of craft beer crawls setup through out New York City. Check it out even if you aren’t in NY now – you can use it as a list of good beer bars to visit when you next go to NY, I know i will.   Here onthe west coast, I am very much looking forward to Brews on the Bay - which is an all SF brewery beer fest. It is put on by the SF Brewers Guild and is held on the Jeremiah O’Brien at Pier 45. Lots of good brew, fun crowd, and a great location. Hope the weather is nice – the first year we moved here we went and it was real cold. The entire crowd cheered when a bit of sun came out andthen crept back away. Either way it should not be missed. See you there! DSC05670


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