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Best whiskey brand name ever
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Best whiskey brand name ever

By Joe Ruvel · December 2nd, 2013 · 1 Comment

I have in my hand a small bottle of one of my favorite Irish whiskeys I have had so far. Not only is it a very tasty product but it also has one of the best names ever.

Writers Tears is an independent bottling blend that is made to evoke the type of whiskey that was made during the time James Joyce was living and writing.

Anyone that writes knows the pain of writers block. Fear of failure, laziness, doubt – all of it holding you back from putting words on paper. Many a great Irish writer has turned to whiskey to get past the block. And so it was said that when an Irish writer cried, the tears were made of whiskey. Marketing schtick but good marketing schtick at least.

And a killer product. Made at a Cork distillery that they do not mention this fine whiskey is a blend of pot still whiskey and malt whiskey. Pot still, which I recently learned, means it was made with malted and unmalted “green” barley. And then the mixed mash is made into a beer of sorts and distilled usually in a fat bottom pot still. A malt whiskey can also be made in a pot still but it just has malt.

Blend them together and you get a great drink of honey cake with spiced fruit. Some oily/rich notes that I am seeing is usual with pot still but then a nice shot of sugar.

More of this and I should be able to post more than once a month!


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