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BrewDog Atlantic IPA
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BrewDog Atlantic IPA

By Joe Ruvel · October 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

The folks at BrewDog brewery in Scotland were nice enough to send me a sample of their latest ambitious brew. The Atlantic IPA is a beer with an adventure tied to it. They are not messing around with this IPA. They call it “the first commercially available, genuine sea-aged IPA in over two centuries.” That’s right, on a boat, in the Atlantic for two months.  A few of the BrewDog team got on the owner James Watt’s mackerel trawler and took around nine casks of IPA with them. This beer has seen some things.

2009-09-27 15.27.11

And how is the beer? I liked it a lot. I am a sucker for a good story and so I am prone to liking this beer right away, but the taste was something different, something new, which I appreciated. There was a distinctive kick right away. I kept thinking orange spiced cookies. I think that is probably the English hops (Goldings, East Kent Goldings, and Fuggles). Nice finish with a little bit of wood taste. And if you close your eyes you can pick up some salty sea air. Really? No, at least I couldn’t, but hey maybe you can.

There is the question of price. The beer is $25.99 per 330ml. That is up there with the most expensive beer I have ever drank. I think DeuS was forty something but that was 750ml. I would pick this one over DeuS anytime – but that might just be me. Either way the price will be a barrier to some people. In the end, this is a limited addition beer that has a lot wrapped up into. It talks of adventure, crazy ideas come true, and well it tastes great too. So if you are lucky to see one – I say give it try.

Another fun thing about this beer for me is that it has introduced me to BrewDog. They are doing some very cool things out in Scotland. They have a kick ass website, well written blog (good post here about the Atlantic IPA label – which I would love a print of), and are very prolific with brewery videos.

I’ll finish off this post with an Atlantic IPA intro video:

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