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Brews on the bay – Fresh Hop Edition
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Brews on the bay – Fresh Hop Edition

By Joe Ruvel · September 19th, 2008 · No Comments

brews on the bay

Last weekend we had a great time on the SS Jeremiah O’Brien for Brews on the Bay. The most memorable beers for me were two that I had never had before. ThirstyBear Wet Hop Harvest Ale and Beach Chalet Hop Patootie Harvest Ale. I put in a email and a call to ThirstyBear to see when they will have it on tap. The Beach Chalet representative that answered the phone said they should have the Harvest Ale in about three weeks. Both had great fresh hop taste and were perfect for drinking outside in the sun.

In about two weeks, October 4th, is The Bistro’s 5th Annual WET HOP festival. I am ready!

Update from ThirstyBear:

“Yes Joe, the Wet Hop Harvest Ale is currently on Tap at Thirsty Bear. I think we have about 2 weeks worth left, so come on down! Cheers, Brenden.”

brews on the bay - thirsty bear wethop

brews on the bay - hop patootie

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