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Drinking on the Job
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Drinking on the Job

By Jasmine · July 31st, 2011 · No Comments

I love working in retail. I really actually do. But the fact is that it pays beans, you always have to work weekends, and customers can be…challenging (and don’t think that doesn’t include YOU). So when the perks pop up, I’m always grateful. Like when you stay late one night to do inventory and your boss says hey, let’s do a beer tasting! Then I remember why I like my job. Check out the lineup:
Mikkeller’s Alive!
Mikkeller’s Mt. Hood (single hop series)
Mikkeller’s Centennial (single hop series)
Mikkeller’s Coffee IPA
Mikkeller’s Tequila Barrel Black Hole.
Er, guess what our theme was?
My favorite was the Alive–a wild Brettanomyces cultured beer. It has medium levels of funk with no sourness, and a nice fruity aftertaste, a bit like strawberries. Apparently they used the dregs of Orval to kick-start the fermentation.
The Coffee IPA was disappointing to me. Last spring we tried a coffee witbier from Social Kitchen called White Prussian that was saturated with coffee flavor–strong, smooth, sweet, and eye-opening. Mikkeller’s was not like that. More like a pale ale with just a hint of coffee. I prefer my coffee with a splash of beer, not the other way around.
This particular version we tried of Black Hole is a stout brewed with coffee, honey, and vanilla and aged in tequila barrels. I was not a fan. It feels like they sort of just did it for the sake of doing it, with the end result being a cousin to cough syrup. You could definitely taste the tequila. It wasn’t bad, and if you you really did barrel-aged beers you might like it a lot better than me. I bought a bottle of the Black Hole aged in white wine barrels for Joe and I to try together, so I sure hope that one’s better.
The single hops were nice–Mt. Hood was amber-colored with carmel notes to it, while the Centennial was more straight floral hops. Both were nice and worth a taste.
Mikkeller really seems to be pumping out the brews these days, don’t they? Though the tastes are hit-or-miss for me, they never fall into boring territory, I’ll give ‘em that.

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