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In Bruges
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In Bruges

By Joe Ruvel · July 11th, 2008 · No Comments

If you haven’t seen In Bruges yet and like funny-hitmen-running-around-killing-people type movies, then make sure you rent it. It does have a beer angle but not much. There is one funny beer conversation that goes something like this:

Ray: Can’t we just get a beer already?

Ken: They have over 300 types of beer.

Ray: Well I just want one type and now!

In Bruges

(pic found on http://www.syracuse.com/blogs/)

The rapport of the two main guys is what makes the movie. Another scene has Ray and Ken drinking. Ray gets the beers and hands Ken what he calls “a gay beer” while he has a real beer. You can’t really tell what they are, but the regular beer is in a pint glass while the other one is in a wide mouth glass. Overall the movie is pretty cheeky (I think that is officially my first use of cheeky in a blog).

I wasn’t drinking while watching the movie, but I was thinking about what beer I would pair with it if I was. I mean it should probably be from Belgium. Maybe a Fantôme La Dalmatienne – had one two weeks ago at LaTrappe - awesome beer. Of course Fantome is two hours away from Bruges – oh well.


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