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In the Shadow of Arches
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In the Shadow of Arches

By Jasmine · November 29th, 2010 · No Comments

There are breweries now in most major and even minor cities. Usually just one, often named after the town, with a ubiquitous set of one each of a lager, IPA, amber, red, and stout. They are generally drinkable but unimpressive.

Not so at the Moab Brewery. Moab is a touristy town, being the closest town to Arches National Park, so I expected it to be extra mediocre and I was pleasantly surprised. Utah law won’t allow them to do a whole sampler (and the altitude and driving all day made full pints not really an option for us), but each person can have 2 2 ounce samplers at one time, so between me and  my friend we tried four beers: Rocket Bike Wit, Dead Horse Pale Ale, Derailleur Ale, and Black Raven Stout.


The Rocket Bike Wit was flat and wheaty, slightly sour or yeasty. It was the only one of the four we didn’t finish and didn’t love. Derailleur Ale is a malty, carmely amber ale, not too sweet. In general I’ll pick an amber over almost any style, and this is no exception. Black Raven Stout is an oatmeal stout which, according to their website, they serve “unfilterd for extra vitamins.” Smooth and balanced, with more oatmeal creaminess than bitter coffee or chocolate notes. And, of course, the Dead Horse Pale Ale, the beer they clearly consider their flagship beer and for good reason. It’s delicious. A pale ale for non-pale drinkers. Not too much hoppiness, but a good bit of citrus if I remember correctly. If they consider bottling anything, I’d pick this one first, and I’ll bet they would too!

On top of that their food was pretty good, it was a fun atmosphere, with a bobsled out front and a giant river raft strung up on the ceiling. A great stop after a long day of driving, bone-chilling wind, and stunning rock formations.

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