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Jug Shop: A Love Letter
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Jug Shop: A Love Letter

By Jasmine · January 29th, 2010 · 3 Comments

We have written about many beer establishments we love, places like City Beer Store, La Trappe, and Toronado. And we’ve even written about the Jug Shop before. But I’m here today to say that they have jumped in my estimation to give those other top beer destinations a run for their money. The last event we attended there was a Belgian Beer tasting.Jug Shop Belgian beer

For $15 a person you get about 4-6 oz of 6 hard to find Belgian beers–a fantastic value considering some of these can be pricey or rare.

Standouts of this tasting were:

Oerbier (see red label above): It reminded me of a rich amber ale, fruity and a bit sweet, but balanced, with raspberry flavors.

BosKeun: We call this the crazy bunny beer because of the drunk rabbit on the label. It was light and smooth, but with lots of flavor, very herbel, yet it was a 10% beer. We bought this one to take home with us–did I mention that you get a 5% discount on all bottles from whatever tasting is happening that night? We’ve never walked out of there empty-handed.

De Dulle Teve 20 Plato Blond: the name “de dulle teve” translates to “mad bitch”. This is a beer that even smells sweet–the handout the Jug Shop gave us (I LOVE it when places give you organized info about a beer!) lists the “spices” in this as pale candi sugar. I actually wasn’t a huge fan myself, but everyone else went crazy over this beer. Definitely rich, the kind of beer that feels like a meal. I think I just had a hard time drinking it after trying three other Belgian beers already. I’d like to taste it again with a fresh palate. A bottle of this came home with us as well so hopefully that will happen soon. Both bottles were only $7.50 a piece.

The man responsible for all this beer glory is Eric Cripe, Beer and Spirits specialist at the Jug Shop. Eric Cripe

If you tell him which beer was your favorite, he’ll even pour you an extra glass of that one (maybe that’s why I get the warm fuzzies when I think about the Jug Shop).

They have tastings every Friday but they are not well advertised or well documented–the tasting calendar on their website is not kept up to date. The best way to get in the know is to sign up for their newsletter. And don’t be fooled by their website, which makes them look like an all-wine┬ástore that “specializes in Australian and New Zealand wine”. They are a beer destination for sure.

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  • 1 Brian Yaeger // Jan 29, 2010 at 5:49 pm

    The Jug Shop and Eric are truly the diamonds in SF’s rough beer world. Not that I’m not doing my part: http://www.examiner.com/x-11696-SF-Craft-Beer-Examiner~topic289978-Jug-Shop?selstate=topcat#breadcrumb

    As for your own tasting, put it on the books! I’ll see if I can’t find something to bring as an admission ticket for me and Half Pint.

  • 2 Dan // Feb 2, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Yay! Polk Street Love!
    BTW, the link on your article for some reason is an article from yahoo news about a full moon. Freaky…

  • 3 Joe Ruvel // Feb 3, 2010 at 10:49 am

    Fixed…Freaky indeed…cut and paste error I think. Thanks!

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