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Moonlight and Nectar
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Moonlight and Nectar

By Jasmine · October 26th, 2009 · No Comments

I’ve been having a lot of fun planning a cheese & beer tasting for my fellow cheesemongers lately, including a trip to City Beer Store. Beth and Craig were more than happy to advise me on pairing ideas, and Beth in particular was very excited to talk cheese with me. City Beer Store has a nice cheese plate, and they’ll suggest pairings for each cheese if you ask. I also tried a taste of Moonlight’s Artemis, a gruit, apparently, which has been brewed with wormwood. It was better than I expected. Very herbal beers can be tasty for one sip, but very tough to drink a whole glass of. I’d say I could drink 3/4 of a glass of this one. The beer I settled on drinking at the shop was the Nectar Ale, lightly honey sweet, clear, and endlessly drinkable.

No other beer place in the world gives me the warm fuzzies like City Beer Store does.

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