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SF Beer Week: Barleywine Festival
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SF Beer Week: Barleywine Festival

By Jasmine · March 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

This year something marvelous happened at the Barleywine Festival: we got a table. We arrived sometime around 9:30am, ate breakfast in line, and when the doors were opened, raced straight back to the last table in the back room. Victory! That combined with the fact that we had 3 other people with us this year meant that we got to try 50 barleywines (out of 55!), the most we’ve ever gotten through. Bouncer at Toronado

The winners were: 1st Place: Big WoodyGlacier Brewhouse; 2nd Place: Arctic DevilMidnight Sun Brewing; and 3rd Place: Lower De Boom21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant.

We got to try all the winners this time, though I barely remember having Big Woody. We were inside from 11am-4pm, plowed through a bag of goldfish, half a loaf of bread, a can of toffee peanuts that the people next to us left behind, and a giant brownie. That’s what it takes to get through 50 barleywines. Joe at Toronado

Some of our personal favorites were: Old Bluehair from Big Sky–lightly sweet and balanced, with hints of golden raisins; 547 Haight St from Pizza Port (they never fail to amaze me)–which one of our friends described at IPAish, hoppy, crisp, and drinkable; and Hair of the Dog’s Doggie Claws, which smells hoppy, but tastes mmmmmmalty!

Jasmine and Joe at Barleywine Festival

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