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Surreal Moment at Falling Rock Tap House
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Surreal Moment at Falling Rock Tap House

By Joe Ruvel · October 11th, 2008 · No Comments

As I nurse a pretty hard hangover this morning I think back to yesterday.  

First a surreal moment from last nights fun at Falling Rock – The place is packed and the band is playing loudly. I have a bottle of New Belgium La Folie in my hand and a glass in the other. It is one of those moments that just sits there – timeless where you are truly happy. Now for the surreal part – I was standing next to the loooong bathroom line and who is in it but the one and only Don Younger. I say hello to him and chat for a second – he is a bit mad that the line is so long. Then next in line comes Sam Calagione. A drunk guy is trying to pull Sam out of line to dance with him. I guess this is a big part of what GABF is about. Everyone in Denver to have a good time and drink some amazing beer.

 GABF was in full force last night. I knew that the Friday session would be crowded but wow it was nuts. Overall though it was a great time. A little too crowded and fast paced for my taste but the beer was there in full force. I would write more but it looks like I am late for standing in line for today’s members-only tasting. More beer! Hopefully sometime today I can post some of our favorites.

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