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Taste the Penguin
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Taste the Penguin

By Joe Ruvel · January 21st, 2011 · No Comments

Tactical Nuclear Penguin!

You know the brewery. You know the beer. We finally got to try some. Amazingly  - it was actually rather tasty. I am slowly getting into scotch and this definitely reminded me of a scotch. It coated the glass like no other beer I have ever had – which makes sense when you think about the booze inside of it. While it reminds me of scotch the taste was still beer. Rather bacon tasting and smoky with sticky dried fruit flavors and a good dose of fire. But it wasn’t that hard to drink a little taste of it.  Got to like the packaging too.

If you want to buy a bottle, run over to the Jug Shop and ask Eric if he has any left.  The bottles are $80 each.  They also have Sink the Bismark.


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