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Session #27: Beer Cocktails – The Roundup
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Session #27: Beer Cocktails – The Roundup

By Jasmine · May 2nd, 2009 · 12 Comments

We have been eagerly awaiting what everyone was going to come up with for this topic. We expected some resistance, and got it, but we were also surprised by how many people were willing to grab a good beer and whatever else they had on hand and try to whip something up. Thanks to everyone for posting – great turnout. If for whatever reason (damn you spam filter!) your post did not get listed below, comment on this post or email me and I will add it in. Next month Brian Yaeger at Red, White, and Brew is hosting. The topic will be announced soon.

Yesterday we posted our own experiment and a video of a pro doing it at Alembic. Today, we bring you everyone else’s in the roundup:

The Mad Scientists:

Paul Arthur, whose blog is called A Flowery Song, goes all out with the topic and mixes, blends, reduces, and creates. I pretty much want to try all of his recipes.

Christopher Hapka, from The Cellar and the Pantry, attempts an admirable feat – making a Beer Julep. The results are mixed but he ends up with a relatively successful cocktail that brings together two very different drinks.

Ray Merkler, from Bathtub Brewery, brings us the Ginpel – which I promise you will probably be available at a bunch of bars soon. He uses homebrewed tripel and Dogfish Head Jin.

Lew Bryson, at Seen Through a Glass, reminisces on the beer cocktails of his past and then shares some leftovers from an article he did. If these are the leftovers, I need to read the original article. Great ideas Lew!

Ally, from Impy Malting (great name btw), makes me pine for a FREAKOUT IN A MOONSHINE DAYDREAM and the Flaming White Fairy – mostly for the names. But hey, the drinks sound pretty good too.

Craig, part of the writing troupe at Beers, beers, beers, braves the Shandy and shows me that maybe it is time to revisit this beer cocktail – especially when the heat hits the Bay Area.

Brian Yaeger, the author of the blog and the book Red, White, And Brew, brings to the table a homebrewed Latte Stout Chocolate Macadamia Nut Ice Cream Float. Yum – sounds like a tasty dessert beer cocktail to me.

Damien, at Nectar of the Gods, calls his first experiment an “Epic fail. The Cragganmore that I never drink after another scotch because it is so easily overpowered, consumed the Sunshine wheat like a fat kid on cake.” Best line ever. His mixes get better from there.

After being insulted by our announcement post (sorry!), Jimmy, of Hop Wild plays along at home, with 9 beer/liquor combos, and makes himself sick…but in a sort of good way. He is still recovering.

Stephen Beaumont, at World of Beer, busy with deadlines, re-posts an article from 2004 – but what a post it is. He whisks us off to France to try a Blonde ale Absinthe concoction and to Toronto to have a Bourbon Black & Tan and Beer Sangria.

Dan, from Beer-O-Vision, has a beer float flight (hmm fun to say) tasting: four homebrews with ice cream.

Rob, from PFIFF!, conjures up his word magic and waxes on Picon biere of the past and the present. Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown ale and Torani Amer work together for an acceptable version.

Bill, at It’s Pub Night, brings us a Stale Pale Ale Martini. I was skeptical, but he wins me over by the end. I think I will give this one a try.

Beer mixing – beer A meet beer B – come on you like each other:

Mark, whose blog is Pencil & Spoon, mixes a Sam Smith’s Cherry with a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and even shows us the whole thing on video.

Stan, from Appellation Beer, ponders the beer mixing possibility of a big wit from Chama River Brewery and New Glarus Rasberry Tart…sounds great.

The Beer Nut learns that beer mixing and beer cocktails have their place and time. He tries a Firestone Walker XII mixed with the Porterhouse Chocolate Truffle Stout and a Picon Beer and surprisingly, to him, likes both of them.

Josh, at Hump’s Brewing, serves up a nostalgic and wonderfully thorough post where he embraces the topic and ends up with delicious-looking “great big, irresponsibly-hopped ‘imperial’ black and tan”.

Steph Weber, at brew.cook.pair.joy, tells us about the Red Velvet, the pinnacle of beer blending–when a drink winds up being even better than the sum of it’s parts.

Chris, at Pint Log, does a study of sorts on the beer cocktail. The classic Black & Tan up against one of his own creations. He also introduces us to one of the coolest drink tools I have ever seen, the Brutool Turtle–which looks like a ninja spider from the future.

Matt, from A World of Brews, asks the question of what really is a beer cocktail? The search brings him to the Snakebite, the Boilermaker, and the wonderfully named Goat Nut – a combo of a Triple Hop Amber and a Harvest Wheat.

Thomas, at Geistbear Brewing Blog, drinks a cider-pale ale Snakebite – not exactly what he ordered – a problem he wants to help solve.

Egads, I remember when I did things like that!

Alan, from a good Beer Blog, ties together boilermakers, the “Depth Charge”, and Nazis while sitting on the precipice deciding if he could still bring himself to actually make and drink a depth charge.

Krausen Rising ponders the question of being a purist vs liking the taste of something regardless of its purity and then gives us a simple recipe for a Michelada.

Laura Walsh, at Aran Brew, gives us a tour through the few beer cocktails of her past – Blonde ale Mojitos in Cuba, Guinness and Red Bull (oh my, that doesn’t sound good), and Picon beers (or the lack of) .

Jon, from The Brew Site, remembers drinking a kind of Root Beer Boilermaker, and almost makes it sound good….almost.

Keep yer liquor outta my beer:

Peter, at BetterBeerBlog, is mostly a beer purist and leery of cocktails in general but makes a try for the session by ordering a Michelada.

Bruce, at BeerTaster.ca, expresses his anger at the whole idea of beer cocktails. Sacrilege! Bruce says.

Stan, at Your Ale, is not having anything to do with beer cocktails. Beer and cocktails be warned–stay away from each other when you are around Stan.

Captain Hops, of Beer Haiku Daily, brings us a haiku and some Boilermaker-soaked memories. That is as close to beer cocktails as he wants to get.

Andy Couch, from I’ll Have a Beer, opts not to temp the beer gods anymore with beer cocktails, but does share an anecdote of stolen Radler.

UPDATE:  We have a few late ones – and they are good ones so I wanted to make sure to get them in:

Reluctant Scooper brings us the Thornbridge Jaipur Mojito and he loves the results…I think I would too.

Brad, at La Petite Brasserie, gives us another great reason to have a kegerator and to homebrew (like we needed more reasons) – blending!

Jay, from Brookston Beer Bulletin, back from the Boonville Beer Festival, brings us some memories and new thoughts on beer cocktails. The foam topped tripel he talks about sounds amazing.

Mario, from the great Brewed For Thought, gets the honor to be last. Sorry Mario – somebody’s post had to get lost in the void of emails, spam filters, and comments. Mario mixed up an Anchor’s Aweigh – a mixture of Anchor Summer and a little Anchor Old Foghorn. Sounds great.

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